A History of Change; Reimagining Jack Andrea in 2018

by Annie Bruss

Our dedicated customers,

Exactly 50 years ago, in 1968, Al Andrea along with his sister Phil and wife Anne, decided that in order to continue with the great legacy of Jack Andrea some important changes would need to be made. The hardest of which was most likely shutting down ice cream production and downsizing the cafe by half. The food service was a large part of our business model at the time and in fact the very thing that got our business and family through the Great Depression. But it no longer made sense in their changed community and I believe it took great courage for them to shut the doors for almost two months and undergo a complete renovation which ultimately put more emphasis on gifts and our men’s shop including pipes and cigars. Without that change we may never have survived the 70’s and 80’s.

Now 50 years later, I’m excited to announce yet another reimagining of our business in 2018. We will embark on a remodel beginning Sunday, January 28.

Our gift shop remains our largest priority and we will be busy bees working to open it again as soon as possible. See below for a list of scheduled pop ups to occur during our down time. We would hate to miss spending even the most trivial of holidays with our customers and will be open accordingly.  Don’t miss out on your favorite Valentine’s Day candies and gifts plus our Madelaine chocolate bunnies and pectin jelly beans which will be back in stock for Easter (see below for a chance to enjoy 20% off with an early bird special!)

As you may have noticed, we are currently not serving in Jack’s Cafe. This should not distress our dedicated patrons. We see promise in our little cafe and the role it may play in Kenosha, and are excited to be spending a great deal of time reimagining it. We will keep you updated with periodic announcements so stay tuned!

Again, our remodel will begin on Sunday, January 28. Until then, enjoy great savings on much of our merchandise and many of our current store fixtures.

While change often propels us into the unknown, evoking feeling of fear, let us assure you that the changes to come are necessary and ultimately what’s best for the legacy of Jack Andrea. Our world continues to ebb and flow. As small business owners we must adapt and accept new consumer habits, the role of online shopping and social media and the idea that innovation does not come from standing still or getting too comfortable with one’s position in the community.

I and my colleagues are excited and thrilled with the possibilities that will accompany this year.

2018, here we come!
Annie Bruss
Fourth Generation
Jack Andrea

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We hope to see you at all of our below Pop Ups!
Valentine’s Day Pop Up!
Thursday, February 8 - Wednesday, February 14

20% off Easter Candy Pop Up! Friday, March 2 + Saturday, March 3

Easter Pop Up! Friday, March 9 + Saturday March 10

Easter and St. Patrick’s Day Pop Up! Thursday, March 15 - Saturday, March 17

Please note our January 25th Cooking Class will take place as scheduled.

If you have any questions or concerns at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are happy to explain our position further to our wonderful community of dedicated customers.
(262) 657-7732 or info@jackandrea.com