June 11, 2019
Ah, To Be a Kid Again...

Summer is here and we’re more than ready at Jack Andrea.

Like a snow day or seeing your favorite band in concert, the beginning of summer has a way of making us feel young again. Sure, we still have the 9-5, the never-ending to do lists, and all the responsibilities that make adulting, well, adulting. But longer days and warmer weather means spontaneous trips to the beach, smuggling wine into Jazz In The Park and eating al fresco at our favorite local drive-ins. Team Big Star vs Team Spot is for another time. Now is for that reminiscent feeling we get when we dive into a big ol’ Jack’s Cafe chocolate malt on a hot summer afternoon. Life slows down and we indulge in that daring feeling of being a kid on a summer’s day.

We’re here to help facilitate those nostalgic summer dreams - and hopefully create new memories with the next generation of Kenoshans. Starting with the introduction of classic pancakes to our already delicious breakfast line up. Saturday morning flapjacks, without any preservatives or unnecessary additives, covered in all natural maple syrup with the option to add fresh blueberries (this is summer after all). Or indulge in our newest breakfast sandwich featuring house-made maple sage sausage with a side of fruit. Quickly becoming a menu favorite.

Our summer schedule is heating up!

  • Find us down at the Kenosha Harbor Market with all our favorite Hometown apparel + gifts.
  • Sign up for our one and only summer Cooking Class on Thursday, June 27th. Featuring a fresh batch of delicious recipes with all the best in summer fruits and veggies.
  • Look out for a Story Time Event for the kids happening in July. To take place on our patio with breakfast, storytime, crafts and more. We see you caretakers at home with the kids all summer. Details to come!

Last, but possibly most important, our old fashioned banana split is back and better than ever! With three scoops of our Sassy Cow vanilla ice cream, topped with our house-made strawberry, caramel, and hot fudge, surrounded by fresh bananas and finished with whipped cream, nuts and of course, a cherry. As Instagramable as it is to die for. Add this treat to your summer bucket list!

So come on in, we do summer nostalgia right at Jack’s Cafe.

Amy Sichmeller

Annie Bruss