Spring Menu: Taking Inspiration From Seasonal Colors

by Annie Bruss

We’ve made it through yet another horrendous Wisconsin winter (I think we can all agree, this one was especially bad), it’s time to celebrate new life. The yellow daffodils taking bloom, grass going from dry brown to fresh green. Our beautiful lake reflecting a blue, sunny sky. Let’s take a much needed deep breath, allowing the energy back into our hibernating bodies. Let’s rejoice in Spring colors!  Reminding us there’s more to our outdoors than white, brown and gray.

Working on our newest Spring menu at Jack’s has given me a chance to jump into the colors of the season. You’ll find dishes that resemble a garden bed with vibrant greens, pinks, reds, and purples popping on your plate! New breakfast tartines sit alongside our current menu fav, the avocado toast.  The first of these tartines boast rich Mascarpone cheese topped with bright strawberries and flavorful balsamic. The second is topped with tangy goat cheese, tart blueberries, rosemary and the bright flavor of orange zest. Both are served with a side of Spring greens and make for a healthy, hearty start to the day. A favorite among the staff is our newest breakfast salad. Filled with peppery arugula, colorful mixed berries, a jammy egg, a tart yogurt “swish” and a decadent oat crumble which is a rising star of this season’s menu. Subbing out the classic crunch of a crouton with something gluten free.

I know everyone loved our winter Rainbow Bowl which means more bowls in our future! For this menu, I’ve created a true stunner with bold magenta beet hummus, quinoa, strawberries, goat cheese, pistachios, a new herby vinaigrette that we are all obsessed with. As always, our signature pickled red onions aren’t far behind as a constant favorite. Hello flavor AND color bomb!  

Food trends are constantly leaning towards what is most photogenic or “Instagrammable,” (see my book Prep It, Plate It, Post It) and we strive to create dishes that look good, taste amazing and are filled with whole foods making it easy to eat healthy.  Come in and check out our most colorful menu yet. I can’t wait to hear what you all have to say!

See you soon!