NOVEMBER SPECIALS: Turkey + Cranberry Sandwich, Apple Pie Milkshake, Maple Spice Latte, Cinnamon Ice Cream, and Apple Pie!

Soups will be updated every day on our Online Ordering menu. Please follow the link below, click on the "Soups" and then which size you would like in order to see what we've cooked up for today!

Did you know? In 1928 Jack and Tony (our resident ice cream maker) served a landmark 36,582 malts. 89 years later and we're still making them the same way.      


 Another Fun Fact! In 1937 the ice cream flavor Fudge Ripple was discovered right here at Jack Andrea's! Our ice cream maker Antonio Giantonio accidentally used a can of fudge when attempting to make a batch of famous Andrea's homemade chocolate ice cream. Whereas chocolate syrup would have mixed in nicely creating a creamy rich chocolate ice cream, the can of fudge rippled throughout our vanilla base and a classic flavor was born! Jack sold the patent for the fudge rippling process to Johnson Ice Cream for $100.